12 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Blog to Make Life Easier

There are many tasks a virtual assistant can do for a blogger. Often the duties associated with keeping a blog up and running can be tedious and repetitive. The following are some tasks a virtual assistant can do for your blog that will leave you more time to build your business. While it may be difficult for some bloggers to hand over the reins and allow a virtual assistant to perform tasks for a blogger, it may be a good way to help you earn more income.

A VA Can Address Technical Issues Within Your Blog

Some virtual assistants can handle technical issues on the backend of your blog. They’re able to create regular backups of your blog and deal with plugin issues and updates. A technically-minded virtual assistant can also check in regularly to ensure that everything is running smoothly on the backend of your blog.

A Virtual Assistant Can Help Come up With New Blog Post Ideas

Hand your keyword data over to your virtual assistant and let them do their magic. Bloggers can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant to develop the best blog post ideas that stem from your keyword data found in analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Have a Virtual Assistant Create or Draft Blog Posts

Many former journalists (like myself) take on virtual assistant work and create ghostwritten content for bloggers. This is a great way to have your blog posts completed, sitting in drafts, ready for you to put your final touches on. Some virtual assistants (like myself) can write fully completed, SEO optimized posts with tons of extras. This is a huge time-saver for bloggers. (you’re welcome)

A VA Can Optimize and Update Old Content

It’s important to review old blog posts from time to time. This process is rather time-consuming, so hiring a virtual assistant to optimize old content helps tremendously. A virtual assistant can review old blog posts and make adjustments to bring the blog posts back to life.

A Virtual Assistant Can Proofread Your Correspondence

It may seem a little ‘nerdy’ in retrospect, but as a young child, I would go through my town’s daily newspaper and circle spelling or grammatical errors. I ultimately wound up working for that newspaper as a young adult. I guess all of that ‘experience’ paid off. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to go through your business correspondence, A second set of eyes is helpful to ensure you’re conveying your message articulately.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Schedule Your Social Media

A virtual assistant who specializes in social media management can take over your social media tasks for your blog. Not only can a virtual assistant craft up your social media shares, but they can engage your audience on behalf of you so you don’t have to worry about that time-consuming part of blogging.

A VA Can Pitch Brands on Behalf of You and Your Blog

Let’s face it, pitching brands to work with can be stressful. You spend all day analyzing brands and finding their PR contact details just to draft an email and maybe get a response from a couple out of every five. A virtual assistant can save you time by pitching brands on behalf of your blog.

Hire a Virtual Assistant to Handle the Financial Aspects of Your Blogging Business

Many virtual assistants (like myself) have experience beyond the blogging, administrative and social media realm. In the past, I have handled the financial side of companies, remotely. Extensive experience with Quickbooks and tax preparation experience have been significantly helpful for business owners who are short on time. It also doesn’t hurt that I can direct you to a qualified CPA for more complex financial issues. A Certified Public Accountant & Quickbooks Advanced Pro Advisor is well equipped to handle any and all business finance concerns. (he has no choice, he married me and has to help)

12 Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do for Your Blog that ensure you’re saving time, energy and money and focusing on ways to grow and reach new readers

A Virtual Assistant Can Handle Copywriting Tasks for Your Blog or Newsletter

Your followers want to hear from you but it is hard to find time to send weekly newsletters. A virtual assistant can be hired to write newsletters for you. This frees up time for you and ensures your followers hear from ‘you’ on a regular basis. Copywriters can also write or rewrite pages on your website or blog. Hire a virtual assistant to write your bio or About Me page. Consider also, hiring a VA to create copy for any products you may sell online.

A VA Can Help You Find New Blog Readers

Often, finding the right audience for the amazing things you have to say can be challenging. A virtual assistant can peruse message boards and Facebook pages and offer up links to your blog posts in answer to questions that may be posed. This is a good way to get new eyes on your content. A VA can share your content in Facebook groups with like-minded readers in your target audience.

Increase Engagement on Your Blog With the Help of a Virtual Assistant

A key aspect of increasing your page views is creating engaging content on a consistent basis. Consider hiring a VA to facilitate the engagement aspect of your blog. A VA can pose questions on your Facebook page, moderate and reply to comments on your blog and encourage readers to interact with what has been posted.

A Virtual Assistant Can Decipher Google Analytics and Associated Tasks for Your Blog

Google Analytics offers a way for you as a blogger to gauge what is working and what isn’t with your content. Having a VA well-versed in the ins and outs of Google Analytics ensures that you’re continuing to create content that resonates and eliminating what is harming your rankings in Google. This is a helpful way to cut down on the guess-work and focus on what will propel your business forward.

These are just some of the things a virtual assistant can do for a blogger. As a ghostwriter for bloggers, I do some of these things on a regular basis. Should you find yourself without adequate time to do all the things, I’d love to chat about your content creation needs. Hiring the right virtual assistant to handle the everyday tasks that blogging entails can save you time to further build your blogging business.

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