Headline Writing Tips for More Clickable Blog Posts

Writing a blog post headline that entices a reader to click it is one of the most important parts of content creation. This is what draws your reader in; which entices them to continue reading. The headline serves a dual purpose however, it is also the part of your blog post that search engines will first index.

Ensuring your headline is both SEO friendly and catchy for the reader are the two most important parts of writing a headline for more clickable blog posts. Today I’ll dive into this topic to help you understand the best methods for writing a clickable headline.

Create a Listicle in Your Blog Headline

People have short attention spans and with sites like Buzzfeed constantly putting lists in front of us, the average user is automatically enticed to click on a list article. When creating lists, try writing a headline that includes a certain number of items around a specific theme. This will make your blog posts more clickable to the reader.

Clickable Blog Post Headlines Include Quality Information

Think about what your readers will gain from reading this blog post. Make sure your headline features a reason for the reader to click over and learn something new. Including a benefit within the blog, post headline ensures maximum click-throughs.

Include Proven Data for More Clickable Blog Post Headlines

If your blog post is about something that includes statistics, then consider putting something in the headline that helps the reader know what data you’re including. Blog titles starting with the phrase “How I …”  or that include how you figured the secret to or something is very enticing to readers. Share a statistic within the headline of a new blog post when applicable.

You may be wondering what qualifies as a data-driven blog post and it is more than just ‘facts’. Data-driven blogs, according to Neil Patel, is “factual information generated from experiments, surveys or testing that is used as a basis for forming conclusions.”  So be mindful of this when working to create clickable blog post headlines. Your data has to be real, actual data.

Show Your Friendly Personable Side in Your Headlines

Sometimes your headline for a new blog post needs to be friendly and fun to get clicks.  Include your keyword in the headline, but make it fun. This is a great way to show off your personality. Funny headlines are more apt to get click-throughs because they can entice a reader to click over to read more.

When it comes to writing your headline to make your blog posts more clickable, you have to stand out from the crowd. Hiring a Ghostwriter or Virtual Assistant can be a great benefit to your blogging business. I take great pains to ensure the headlines I write for clients do just that. Including keyword phrases for SEO traction is key, but enticing your reader is paramount. While data and lists do get more click-throughs, a unique voice that sets you apart from the rest of your niche is what will truly get more clicks.

When working with new clients, I work hard to determine their voices. I research your blog posts and tailor my writing to fit your style. This, coupled with my ability to draw readers in with my storytelling is a winning combination. Clickable headlines, quality, informative content, and compelling call-to-action work to increase your readership and Google rankings.

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