About Me

From the Newsroom. To the Boardroom. To the Coffee Shop.

Hey, I’m Marie!!

I began my writing career as an Editorial Assistant in a stuffy daily newspaper newsroom in the nineties.

Police scanner crackling in the background, Air Supply on the radio; the soundtrack to my fake Mary Richards (The Mary Tyler Moore Show) life.

Rewriting press releases and obituaries may sound boring, but I was in my element. I worked for my towns local newspaper for several years. From Editorial Assistant I became Daily News Correspondent and even had my own weekly ‘column’ covering local news ‘notes’

I have a background in journalism and communications as well as digital marketing, email marketing, blogging and video content creation.

I’ve done all of these things and more in the corporate world. Some of the corporations I’ve worked for include:

Boston Scientific, IBM, Tufts Health Plan, New England Research Institutes, FedEx and many more.

These days, I am a married, homeschooling mother of four (third grade through college age) with a weakness for Stroopwaffel and strong coffee.

When I’m not ghostwriting blog posts for prominent bloggers in the travel industry or traveling with my family, I can be found perusing thrift stores, painting and reading.

I also make videos on Youtube and pick up LEGO pieces in my spare time.

So many LEGO pieces.

Contact me, let’s collaborate!